The bells signify the beginning and end of a block.  There is a one-minute warning bell.  Students are expected to be in class at the beginning of the block.  The door to each teacher’s room will be closed when the bell rings to begin class.  Any student still in the hall when the bell rings without a permissible excuse is to be considered tardy and will be sent to the Assistant Principal’s office.


    7:40                         First Bell

    7:44                         Warning bell to begin 1st block

    7:45                         Bell to begin 1st block

    8:30                         45 minute rotation period bell                            

    9:20                         End of 1st block- Break begins

    9:25                         End of Break

     9:29                        Warning bell to begin 2nd block

    9:30                         Bell to begin 2nd block

    10:15                       45 minute rotation period bell                            

    11:05                       End of 2nd block

    11:09                       Warning bell to begin 3rd block

    11:10                       Bell to begin 3rd block

    1:00                         End of 3rd block

    1:04                         Warning bell to begin 4th block                          

    1:05                         Bell to begin 4th block                                          (WILDCAT BLOCK)

    1:35                         End of 4th block                                                   

    1:39                         Warning bell to begin 5th block

    1:40                         Bell to begin 5th block

    3:05                         Bell to end school for bus riders (End of the Instructional Day)

    3:10                         Bell to end school for car riders


    1st Block 9th Grade ELA and Math Year Long Classes

    2nd Block               10th Grade ELA and Math Year Long Classes