FPHS Communication - Stay Connected!


    FPHS maintains communication with parents, students, and teachers through the use of the following tools. You will notice that this year, we have several new tools that the school will be using to communicate with you and your student. Tools noted in blue text with (NEW) following are new to the school as well as parents and students. You will be receiving more information throughout the school year in regards to the use of these tools.

    • PowerSchool (NEW)

    This is the student information system (SIS) to communicate grades, attendance, and disciplinarian issues with guardians and students. This is the "Official Gradebook" of the school system.


    • Blackboard Mass Notification - LINK

    This one-way communication tool is used to push urgent school messages out to parents and students through email, text, and voice when accounts are connected. Weather alerts is an example of the types of messages sent.


    • Email

    Each student and teacher have a school email account. The Staff Directory has a list of all FPHS teachers and their email if contact information is needed.


    • Schoology (NEW)

    Schoology is the learning management system (LMS) in the classroom for sharing of files, assignments, and communication for students and teachers. There are currently no parent accounts with this system.


    Coaches and club/organization sponsors utilize this two-way messaging tool for communication with parents and students via text messages. You will need to join the sponsor/coach's Remind group to participate.


    • Phone

    Parents can contact the school and schedule a phone call with their child's teacher.


    • School Website

     The school website is used to communicate events, calendar sharing, headlines, documents, and more for access to students, parents, teachers and the community.


    • School Facebook Page - LINK

    The Facebook page is utilized to share events and important dates with the community.


    • Edgenuity (Virtual School) (NEW)

    Teachers can communicate with virtual students through Edgenuity Messages.