• Welcome to Fort Payne High School!

    Principal: Brian Jett

    School Colors: Black and Gold

    School Mascot: Wildcat

    Fort Payne High School has a student enrollment of 944 students in grades 9-12 with approximately 60 faculty and staff. The school is located in Fort Payne, AL which is a part of DeKalb County. The city of Fort Payne lies in a narrow valley on Big Wills Creek in the Cumberland Plateau region immediately west of Lookout Mountain and east of Sand Mountain. Fort Payne is a rural community in the northeast corner of the state. The demographics of our school are 56.46% White, 35.63% Hispanics, 3.29% Black 2.97% multi-racial and other 1.5%. About 65.37% of our students are on free or reduced lunch.

    FPHS utilizes technology as the tools to engage the students, to provide them with 21st century skills, and to optimize efficiency in management, teaching, and learning. Technology is used daily by our students and faculty. This technology includes student issued Chromebooks, interactive Promethean boards, wireless laptop carts, STEM programs such as Project Lead the Way and computer science, career and technical classes in healthcare, agriculture, welding, culinary arts, and AV Communications.

    Also offered at FPHS are dual enrollment classes and online classes. Students can complete all high school graduation requirements through full-time online classes. The school is also rich in clubs and athletics. Take time to visit these different areas of our website to learn more about what FPHS has to offer.

    FPHS Bell Schedule for Covid 19

    The bells signify the beginning and end of a block.  There is a one-minute warning bell.  Students are expected to be in class at the beginning of the block.  The door to each teacher’s room will be closed when the bell rings to begin class.  Any student still in the hall when the bell rings without a permissible excuse is to be considered tardy and will be sent to the Assistant Principal’s office.


    7:10                     School Doors Open

    7:10-8:05             All Students at Breakfast or in Gym

    7:40                      First Bell

    7:45                      Car Riders and Bus Riders report to 1st Block

    8:14                      Warning bell to begin 1st Block

    8:15                      Car Drivers report to 1St Block

    8:15                      Bell to begin 1st Block

    9:55                      Rotation Period Bell       1A-8:15-9:00      1B-9:05-9:50

    9:50                      End of 1st Block

    9:55                      Class Change (NO BREAK)

    9:59                      Warning bell to begin 2nd Block

    10:00                    Bell to Begin 2nd Block

    10:50                    Rotation period bell       2A-10:00-10:45        2B-10:50-11:35

    11:35                    End of 2nd block

    11:39                    Warning bell to begin 3rd block

    11:40                    Bell to begin 3rd Block (See Lunch Schedule Times below)

    1:35                      End of 3rd Block

    1:39                      Warning bell to begin 4th block

    1:40                      Bell to begin 4th block

    1:35                      Rotation Period Bell       4A-1:35-2:20        4B-2:25-3:15

    3:15                      End of 4th block/Bell to end school for Car Drivers Released

    3:20                      Bell to end school for Bus and Car Riders Released


    Lunch #1             11:35-12:05                                  

    Lunch #2             12:05-12:35

    Lunch #3             12:35-1:05                                       

    Lunch #4             1:05-1:35