• General Information



    Parent/Student Handbook


    Mr. Shane Byrd, Principal

    Mr. Dan Groghan, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Jordan Giles, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Shannon Patterson, Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Dena Wilbanks, Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Carla Beal, Secretary

    Mrs. Holly Burt, Secretary-Bookkeeper

    Fort Payne Middle School Mission Statement:

    Striving for excellence today to prepare students to succeed in a challenging world tomorrow.

  • Bell Schedule


    The bells signify the beginning and end of a period.  Students are expected to be in class at the beginning of the period.  The door to each teacher’s room will be closed when the bell rings to begin class. Students who are not in class at this time will need a tardy pass from the office to gain admittance.

     bell schedule

  • Grading Procedures


    There are four grading sessions per school year, two each term.  A mid-session grade is given to each student in the middle of each grading period. 
    Grades for each grading period shall be based on five or more evaluations, one of which will be a grading period test.
    All grades will be recorded numerically and will correspond to the following scale:

    A = 90 - 100              

    B = 80 -  89

    C = 70 - 79

    D = 60 - 69

    F = below 60

    I - Incomplete          

  • Promotion and Retention Standards


    Grade One through Grade Six
    Students having (2) or more semester F’s at the end of the year in the academic subjects of reading and/or math may not be promoted.

    Grade Seven through Grade Eight
    Students having (3) or more semester F’s at the end of the year in the academic subjects of English, math, science, or social studies may not be promoted.

  • Cheating


    Students are to be honest in doing their work. Cheating includes using another person or source, directly or electronically to get answers or assignments. It also includes giving someone else your work or answers directly or by allowing them to copy your work. Students are not to take a test for another student or share answers for computer-derived tests (ex. Global Scholar and Compass Learning).  Students who cheat will receive a grade of “0” on their assignment or test and will face disciplinary action. Cheating is considered a Class II offense.

  • Standards for Quality Student Work


    Each student is to maintain this level of Quality Student Work each day.
    Be prepared for class:
    ·         iPad/Chromebook
    ·         Pencil with eraser
    ·         Required textbook and workbook
    ·         Notebook
    ·         3 ring pencil holder
    ·         10 dividers with pockets
    ·         White loose-leaf paper
    ·         3 X 5 index cards

    Each paper must be labeled with the following information:
                On Front Page Upper-left hand corner:
                1st Line – First and last name
                2nd Line – Date with month spelled out
                3rd Line – Assignment (title, exercise number, and page #)
                4th Line – Class period

    Neatness is a very important quality on each and every paper.  The following are unacceptable:
    ·         Spiral notebook paper
    ·         Folded, crumpled, torn, or smudged assignments
    ·         Illegible handwriting (i.e. small or light)
    ·         Graffiti or inappropriate pictures

    Quality work is very important and should reflect a thoughtful, earnest effort on all assignments.  Points may be deducted and/or revisions may be required for the following:
    ·         Failure to follow directions
    ·         Incorrect or partial answers
    ·         Incomplete sentences
    ·         Misspelled words
    ·         Omission of punctuation and capitalization
    ·         Abbreviated words and symbols
    ·         Incomplete work

  • Digital Device Reminders


    1.  Bring your device to school. 

    2.  Charge the device daily.  Keep your charger at home. 

    3.  Clean the device daily.

    4.  Take care of the device.  Report any problems or damage to your teacher immediately. 

    5.  Never leave your device unattended. 

    6.  The cover/case should be covering the device when you are on the move.

    7.  Students should use the last four digits of their lunch number as their lock screen ID.  

    8.  Devices should not be shared.  Do not allow someone to use your device. 

    9.  Students should not wear ear buds or head phones while on the move.

    10. Students should not change any setting unless directed to do so. 

    11. Students should not delete anything, especially their Internet history. 

    12. Students should not perform private searches using Internet.

    13. Students should never remove/add a Profile from/to General Profiles unless directed to do so.

    14. Students should not allow Internet games to install Profiles.

    15. Students should not download anything to the home screen unless directed by the teacher to do so.

    16. Students should not download updates without permission. 

    17. Students should not be doing random Internet searches during class.  Searches should be specific and directed by the teacher.

    18. Students should not use messaging services at school.  This includes email unless directed to do so. 

    19. The LMS should only be used for school-subject related educational purposes. 

    20. Students should make good decisions while using the device.  The device is to be used for school-subject based educational purposes. 

    21. You will find the complete list of device responsibilities in the Digital Device Acceptable Use Policy found in this handbook. 

  • Physical Education Requirements


    1. Dressing out (7th & 8th grades only): Students will bring a change of clothes to dress out for their physical education class. The dress code applies to dress out clothes. Tennis shoes are required. Clothes will need to be weather appropriate - shorts and t-shirt in the hot months, and sweat pants and sweat shirt during the colder months. Only roll-on or stick deodorants are allowed and should only be applied in the locker room. Perfume, cologne, or body sprays may not be used due to allergens that could affect other class members.

    2. Students are allowed three parent notes to excuse them from dressing out or participating in the physical activity per semester. After the third note, the student is required to have a doctor’s note. No exceptions will be made. If there is not a doctor’s note, the student will be referred to the office.

    3. Students will start each week with a grade of 100. Students will incur a 10 point deduction for each day they do not dress out. Only a doctor’s note or parent note will excuse a student from participating. Students not participating in physical activity may be asked to complete a written assignment for daily credit.

    4. A student who chooses to not dress out for more than three times during a grading period will be referred to the office.

    5. Students will be required to participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in the fall and spring. Only a doctor’s note will excuse a student from participating in this test.

    Students are not to use the gym unless a teacher is present to supervise the activity. All students are encouraged to keep all areas of the gym neat and clean. All teams that practice in the gymnasium immediately following school are to wait for their coach in the front lobby of the school until their coach arrives and escorts them to the gymnasium.

  • Guidance Office


    The guidance office is open to all students.  The counselors emphasize decision-making skills and early exploration of career and educational goals.  The counselors also place strong emphasis on helping students develop self-awareness, self-esteem, and good interpersonal relationships.

  • Withdrawal/Transfer from School


    A student who is withdrawing from school or who is transferring to another school must notify the Guidance office before the departure date. The student will pick up a transfer form from the Guidance Office so teachers can record current grades, attendance, and textbook information. The student should also do the following before leaving: remove all personal items from the locker, return all school property, return textbooks to teachers, return library books, and pay any debt(s) owed to the school.

  • Instructional Media Center - Library


    Fort Payne Middle School has an excellent collection of books, book sets, DVDs and, videos.  Please follow these rules when using the library:

    1.     Any library material must be signed out in order to be taken from the library.
    2.     Books may be checked out for two weeks and may be renewed if needed.
    3.     A fine of 5 cents per school day per book will be charged for overdue books.
    4.     Students must pay for lost or damaged books and materials for which they are responsible.
    5.     Students are expected to follow the classroom courtesies while in the library.

  • Tardiness and Check-Out Procedures


    Class instruction begins promptly at 7:45 A.M.  Students who are tardy will miss valuable instructional time.  Tardies will be excused when a student presents a doctor’s excuse, legal excuse, or has permission from the principal.  Each time a student receives three unexcused tardies for school in one nine weeks, he/she will receive one unexcused absence.  Tardy students must sign in at the office prior to going to class.  Seventh and eighth graders who are tardy will be assigned to break detention. 


    Students will not be permitted to leave school before the dismissal of school without permission of the principal or assistant principal. Students who are checking out should do so before 2:30 p.m. to avoid end of day traffic and to allow the office ample time to notify the attending teacher and to have the student sent to the office. Parents or guardians must come into the office to sign the student out. Students who check out to go to the doctor or dentist should present a note from their office upon their return the next day. If they checked out due to illness and did not go to the doctor, they should bring a note from their parent or guardian. Attendance is maintained on a class by class basis, and it is very important that excuses or notes are provided for checkouts in order to excuse the class absences.
    The principal or assistant principal shall determine whether the absence from that part of the school day shall be excused or unexcused.  It is important to remember that make-up work will only be permitted for excused checkouts, and the student will still be considered absent from the classes missed.  Each time a student receives three unexcused checkouts from school in one nine weeks, he/she will receive one unexcused absence.  Students scheduled for participation in school activities or events (athletics, band, cheerleading, club trips, or any other school event) MUST BE PRESENT AT LEAST HALF OF THE DAY IN ORDER TO STILL PARTICIPATE.


    Any student who has a sibling participating in Fort Payne High School Football, Band, or Cheerleading will be granted one principal permission checkout for the season to attend a pep rally during school hours. A request signed by the parent must be submitted to the middle school office one day prior to the pep rally he or she chooses to attend.


    We realize that it is sometimes necessary for students to check out of school because of illness.  SICK STUDENTS WILL BE SENT TO THE SCHOOL NURSE. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO STAY IN THE RESTROOM WHEN ILL (This will be considered skipping).  The nurse will contact the parent or guardian if the child needs to be picked up. It will be the responsibility of the student to make up missed assignments when he/she returns to school.



    Each student will have an early dismissal plan to follow in the event that school is dismissed early due to inclement weather. This plan will be kept on file by his or her homeroom teacher. Each student and parent should be knowledgeable of this plan and follow it if the need arises.

  • Afternoon Transportation


    Each student should know their afternoon transportation arrangements (bus or car) before they leave home each day. In order to ride a bus to a location that is not your routine drop off, the student must submit a parent signed note to the office for approval. If a student’s afternoon transportation arrangements need to be changed, notify the office by 1:30 p.m. (please keep this to a minimum). Students are not allowed to ride the bus to Wills Valley Recreation Center or from one school to another school.

  • Traffic Flow Directions


    Please pay close attention to the directions assigned to you for your child according to their grade.
    7th and 8th Grade – Proceed north or south on Martin Avenue until you reach the southern gate.  Turn into the loop and drop off your child.  Continue around the loop and exit back onto Martin Avenue traveling south or north. 
    6th Grade – Proceed toward the school on either Stadium Drive or North Martin Avenue. Turn right from Martin Avenue into the 6th grade loop in front of the school. Drop off your child, continue around the loop, and then turn onto Martin Avenue.
    5th Grade – Proceed toward the school on Stadium Drive from either direction. Enter the 5th grade loop on Stadium Drive and drop off your child.  Exit back onto Stadium Drive in either direction.


    Please pay close attention to the directions assigned to you for your child according to their grade. Also, note that a portion of Martin Avenue will be closed from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday, during the school year. This will hopefully help with the traffic flow. Directions are as follows:
    7th and 8th Grade – Proceed north on Martin Avenue until you reach the southern gate.  Turn left into the loop and pick up your child.  Continue around the loop and exit back onto Martin Avenue traveling south. 
    6th Grade – Proceed toward the school on either Stadium Drive or North Martin Avenue. Turn right from Martin Avenue into the 6th grade loop in front of the school. Pick up your child, continue around the loop, and then turn left onto Martin Avenue going north. Continue on Martin Avenue North or turn left on to Stadium Drive.
    5th Grade – Proceed toward the school on Stadium Drive from either direction. Enter the 5th grade loop on Stadium Drive and pick up your child.  Exit back onto Stadium Drive in either direction.

  • Cafeteria


    The cafeteria staff works hard to provide you with good lunches.  The cafeteria is full self-serve.  The following rules make lunch more enjoyable for everyone.

    1.     All students are required to report to the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period and to remain in the cafeteria until the end of the lunch period.
    2.     Do not cut line.
    3.     Do not take more than one serving of each item (extra servings=extra charges).
    4.     Sit with your assigned class - one person per seat.
    5.     Do not eat or drink from another student’s tray.
    6.     Return trays to designated area.
    7.     Do not take any food or drinks outside the cafeteria.
    8.     Do not throw food.
    9.     Keep the cafeteria as clean as possible.
    10.  Students may not use a microwave oven at school to warm food items.

    The price of lunch is determined by the Board of Education.  Students may purchase extra items anytime during lunch at the posted prices.  Our cafeteria supports the concept of Offer vs. Serve.  A "Type A" lunch includes a bread item, milk, a meat, and two different vegetables and/or fruits.  Students are to choose a minimum of three items from the offering.  Fort Payne City Schools participates in the National Child Nutrition Program.  Students interested in applying for free or reduced lunches will receive an application the first day of school.

  • Classroom Behavior and Rules


    Students are to practice good behavior in the classroom, keep noise down, not sit on top of furniture or heating/cooling units, and refrain from defacing or abusing classroom furniture. Continual violations of classroom courtesies will result in strong disciplinary action (OCI, A-School, and suspension). 

    FPMS Classroom Rules 

    1. Respect others – teachers, students & property
    2. No gum
    3. Food & Drink
         a. Water only (clear bottle with lid)
         b. Permitted in classrooms only during designated snack time (5th and 6th grades)
    4. No backpacks or book bags allowed in classrooms (5th& 6th will keep in homerooms; 7th & 8th must keep in lockers)
    5. Be prepared for class. (See Standards for Quality Student Work for required class supplies.)

    Consequences for Class Infractions

    1. 1st offense – Warning
    2. 2nd offense – Contact Parent
    3. 3rd offense – Office referral


    The student council will conduct student elections for class officers and student council. Each club will hold club elections.


    The following rules apply for assemblies at FPMS:
    l.   Students are to be respectful in assembly programs, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
    2.  Students are required to attend all assembly programs for which there is no charge.


    Behavior in the halls and on the sidewalks should always be in good taste.  Students are not to block passage in the halls or on the sidewalks.  Students are not to be in the halls during class periods unless they have a proper pass.  Students are not to run in the halls or on the sidewalks. 


    Students may use restrooms between classes if they can do so without being late to class.  Otherwise, they should be used at break and before and after school.  During class, students may go to the restroom only if they have the proper emergency pass.  STUDENTS ARE NOT TO STAY IN THE RESTROOM WHEN SICK. THEY ARE TO REPORT TO THEIR TEACHER FOR PERMISSION TO SEE THE SCHOOL NURSE.


    The principal must clear all school-related trips at least one week in advance.  Students are subject to all school rules and regulations and the code of conduct while on school related trips and will not be allowed to check out until the proper time approved by the principal.  Permission forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher prior to the trip.



    Students are not permitted to sell unapproved items on campus or school buses.  Any items are subject to confiscation and the student subject to disciplinary action.


    Students are to use the phone ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.  Students are not to go to the office to use the phone during class or lunch without their teachers’ permission. They must bring a note from their teacher in order to use the phone and then are to obtain permission from office personnel before using the phone.  Students are required to sign a phone log and list the person being called, the reason for the call, and time. Those students who violate this privilege will be subject to disciplinary action. Emergencies do NOT include making calls home to arrange to go to friends’ homes or to ask parents to bring notebooks, homework, tennis shoes, etc., that students forgot to bring to school.


    We will not accept deliveries for students in the office.  This includes flowers, candy, balloons, etc.


  • Lockers


    Each 7th and 8th grade student is required to rent an individual locker.  Lockers are available to students for a charge of $5.00 per year and are to be rented when students pick up their schedules or enroll.  All books and personal articles should be placed in the lockers when not in use.  Do not share your locker combination with anyone else. 
    Mechanical problems with any locker are to be reported to the assistant principal immediately.  Students are to visit lockers before school, during break, between class, and after school.  VISITING A LOCKER IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BEING TARDY TO CLASS. 

    School officials may inspect or search desks and/or lockers when there is reasonable cause to believe that articles kept there may endanger other individuals in the school or such articles are in violation of the law or regulations of the Board of Education or school. 
    It is not necessary to visit lockers between every class change.  Plan ahead and get books for multiple classes.  Students who "jam" their locks are subject to disciplinary action.  All combinations are changed each summer, repairs made and all lockers are inspected by the principal or assistant principal before school begins in the fall.

  • Visitors and Communication


    Parents and guardians are always welcome at Fort Payne Middle School.  However, we ask that all parents or guardians check in through the office before visiting any part of the campus. There must be a good reason for parents or guardians to remain on campus for any length of time. 
    All visitors are required to check-in through the school office.  A visitor’s pass will be issued to identify you as a visitor.  Teachers are asked to visually check for this pass when they see a visitor on campus. 
    Students from other schools will not be allowed on campus when their school is in session.  Students should not bring visitors to school nor have visitors in the parking lots or around the campus. NO CLASSROOM VISITORS WITH STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED. 
    Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave; if they do not leave, the police department will be contacted.


    In order to stay more informed about current events at FPMS, parents and students may visit our website at http://www.fpcsk12.com.  The website was created to enable parents to become better informed about homework, classroom projects, special programs, sports, and other events happening throughout our school and school system. 

    Each teacher at our school has his/her own class website for you to visit and find updated class assignments and events. 

    Parents can also click on the iNow/Chalkable Home link located on the school system’s webpage to access their child’s current grades, discipline, and attendance. 

    One other way of communication with our teachers is by email.  All of our teachers have a school email address that you will find in the back portion if this handbook. 

    If you do not have you child’s login information for iNow/Chalkable Home or are having trouble communicating with a teacher or administrator, please contact the school office at 256-845-7501.
    In the event of an emergency situation, school closing, or special event, we may contact you by using our School Notification System. 

    Make sure that you have updated your contact information on the School Notification System’s website.  Contact the school office if you do not have a user name and password for this website or if you do not have access to a computer.

  • Awards


    National Junior Honor Society
    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a service organization which recognizes students who excel, not only in scholarship, but also in character, leadership and service. Selection of candidates will be made after the 3rd nine week grading period of their 7th grade year. The following are requirements to be eligible:
    -Cumulative 90% average in core subjects (English, history, math, and science) for the first, second, and third nine weeks.
    -No serious disciplinary infractions.  Offenses will be reviewed by the selection committee.
    -Actively participates in one school extracurricular activity (sport or club)
    -Six hours of community service**
    Character is extremely important in the selection process! Your character and leadership potential will be evaluated by your teachers as part of the selection process.

    Students enrolled in an advanced class (Advanced Math and/or Advanced English) will have an additional 10 points added to that subject’s average per nine weeks.
    ** Community service includes but is not limited to the following:

    -Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
    -Church Service (Sunday school teacher/helper, choir, bible school teacher/helper)
    -Participation in a charitable event
    -Babysitting or a paid service does not count

    How to Apply:
    A notice will be sent to all eligible 7th grade students after the third nine weeks grading period. Students must write an essay and complete a student activity sheet and service hour verification sheet.
    New NJHS members will receive a written notice of acceptance or non-acceptance by mail.

    Top 10 Student Award
    Awarded to 7th and 8th grade students who meet the following requirements:
    The students with the top ten cumulative core subject (English, history, math, and science) averages at the end of the 3rd nine weeks grading period will be selected.
    A student must be enrolled at FPMS by September 1 through the end of the 3rd nine weeks grading period to receive top ten honors.
    Students enrolled in an advanced class (7th grade Advanced Math and/or Advanced English, 8th grade Algebra and/or Advanced English) will have an additional 10 points added to that subject’s average per nine weeks.


    7th and 8th Grade Awards

    Award of Excellence – is awarded to the student with the top average in a teacher’s class. 

    Achievement Award – is awarded to the student with the second highest average in a teacher’s class.
    Recognition Award – is awarded to the student with the third highest average in a teacher’s class or a student who has shown great improvement or exceptional effort. 
    All A’s – is awarded to students who have earned all A’s in all subjects (including PE, Band, and Electives) for the first three nine weeks of the school year.  Students enrolled in an advanced class (Advanced Math and/or Advanced English) will not have an additional 10 points added to that subject’s average per nine weeks.
    We also recognize Spelling Bee & Geography Bowl winners (first, second, and third place), Guitar special accomplishments, and  iTech Team members.

    8th Grade Quentin Benn Award
    The Quentin Benn Award is named in honor of Mr. Benn, a past principal at FPMS.  Mr. Benn had a genuine concern for all people.  This award is chosen by the 7th & 8th grade faculty & awarded to an 8th grader who displays outstanding leadership, citizenship, and has had zero discipline referrals to the office. 

    8th Grade Jim Ellis PE Award
    The Physical education award is named for Coach Jim Ellis.  It is given to one boy & one girl in 8th grade physical education class who have exhibited outstanding attitude in physical education for the year.

    7th Grade Wall of Fame 

    This honor is bestowed upon 7th grade students who maintain an A average for every class including electives, physical education, band, etc., each nine weeks of their seventh grade year entirely completed at Fort Payne Middle School. Each student who meets the criteria will place his/her hand print on the Wall of Fame at some time during the following school year. Students enrolled in an advanced class such as advanced math or advanced English will not have an additional 10 points added to that subject’s average per nine weeks.

    6th Grade Awards

    Achievement Award – is awarded to all 6th grade students who earn all A’s in all classes for all three nine weeks grading periods.
    Top 2 Excellence Awards – are awarded to the students with the top two grade point averages in reading (reading, English, and spelling) and math for each teacher.
    Top 10 Science Awards-awarded to the top 10 averages in Science
    Top 10 Social Studies Awards-awarded to the top 10 averages in Social Studies
    Top Cat Award-voted on by the 6th grade teachers.  This award is not based on academic excellence exclusively, but also includes honesty, truthfulness, compassion and integrity.

    Typing Agent Recognition - Students who have completed all lessons and have met the 6th grade Accuracy and Words Per Minute goal.

    Tip Top Typer - Student typing the most WPM/Accuracy and demonstrates proper typing technique without looking at the keyboard


    5th Grade Awards

    Achievement Award -is awarded to all 5th grade students who earn All A’s in all classes for all three nine weeks grading periods.
    Top 2 Excellence Awards- are awarded to the students with the top two grade point averages in language arts and math for each teacher.
    Woodman of the World Social Studies Award –is awarded to the students with the top average in each social studies class.
    Top Cat Science Award-is awarded to the student with the top average in each science class.
    Shining Star Award-is voted on by the 5th grade teachers. This award is not based on academic excellence exclusively, but also includes honesty, truthfulness, compassion and integrity.  This award is given to one boy and one girl in the 5th grade. 
    Perfect Attendance Award
    This award is given to 5TH, 6TH, 7TH, and 8th students who have attended Fort Payne Middle School for the entire year without missing a full day of school. (NO checking in late or checking out early)


    Governor's Physical Fitness Award Requirements



    One Mile Run



    Curl-Ups (Sit ups)

































    One Mile Run



    Curl-Ups (Sit ups)































  • Acknowledgment Forms

    FPMS Forms to be signed and returned:

    Click this link for all forms for viewing and printing.

    • Digital Device Release Form
    • Code of Conduct/Student Handbook Acknowledgment Form
    • Photographs, Videos, Newspaper, Etc. Permission Form
    • Cell Phone/Electronic Device Acknowledgment Form
    • Student AUP for Internet/Network Services Form
    • COPPA and Online Resource Agreement Form
    • Video Conference Call Permissions Form
    • Student Information Form
    • School-Parent Compact Form