• Step 1Who must complete this form? 

    Students who will be attending a FPCS school for the first time. This includes students who have recently moved into the district or who previously attended a private or home school. 

  • Step 2How do I enroll? 

    • Create an account on the PowerSchool Enrollment portal by clicking below:
    • Gather required documentation
  • Step 3What information/documents are required? 

    1. Previous school information, when applicable
    2. Insurance information, when applicable
    3. Contact information for emergency contacts
    4. Age Verification Documentation—Birth Certificate or Passport/VISA when necessary
    5. Alabama Certificate of Immunization or Exemption Documentation
    6. Custodial Parent’s Photo Identification
    7. Updated Custody Documentation, when applicable
    8. 2 Valid Residency Documents: A valid lease or rental agreement, deed, property tax, mortgage statement for the custodial parent, a current utility bill or letter of utility activation